Direct Satellite TV

Direct satellite TV or DirecTV is a prominent name among satellite TV providers in the United States. By way of good programming, advanced features and other services, Direct Satellite TV has been able to reach to more than 15 million households of the nation.

Direct Satellite TV Packages:

Packages delivered by Direct Satellite TV are comparatively high-priced than those of other satellite TV service. But subscribers can ensure themselves to access wide array of programming by subscribing Direct Satellite TV service. English, Spanish, International, sports and movie packages are all available. Apart from these, Direct Satellite TV contains packages designed for offices, hotels, hospitals, bars, MDU units and many more. Even separate packages are available for RVs, SUVs, planes, boats, cars etc. RV owners, airline service and others can install Direct Satellite TV for their passengers. Subscribers can this way access their favorite Direct Satellite TV programs outside home or even while traveling. A la Carte channels and pay-per-view and video on demand options are available as per convenience of some subscribers. But such options can be accessed with a major base package only.

Direct Satellite TV Programming:

Variety programming are rendered by Direct Satellite TV such as news, music, sports, movies, sitcoms and so on. Direct Satellite TV delivers international programs in 9 different languages. ESPN 3D, n3D are some channel names that deliver programs in superb 3D format. High-definition channels are delivered in bulk and subscribers can access almost all major channels in superb HD format. In case of sports broadcasts, Direct Satellite TV delivers uninterrupted coverage of all major sports. Sports packages such as NFL Sunday Ticket and NASCAR Hotpass are available only in Direct Satellite TV throughout the United States. Local channels and Sonictap satellite radio channels are delivered in various packages for no extra price. DirecTV delivers local channels to 94% of U.S households.

Direct Satellite TV Pricing:

Different packages of Direct Satellite TV are stuffed with variety of channels giving subscribers all sorts of programs such as movies, music, sports, sitcoms and so on. The packages can be accessed for a reasonable monthly subscription price.

Exclusive programs:

Sports broadcasts from NFL Sunday Ticket and NASCAR Hotpass package are exclusively delivered by Direct Satellite TV. Direct Satellite TV is also the first TV service to deliver programs in 3D format. It delivers the most extensive 3D content.

Exclusive TV packages for RVs, planes, SUVs, boats, cars are delivered by only Direct Satellite TV. Even with Direct Satellite service, subscribers can locate nearest bars which have broadcasts of their favorite team’s games.

Direct Satellite TV has different packages for offices, hotels, hospitals, bars, universities, schools and others. These packages render different programs.

Customer Care Service:

Direct Satellite TV’s customer care representatives deliver great service all round the clock. They assist subscribers in all possible way. Infact, they have received award from J.D Powers and Associates for their amazing customer care service.

We can thus assess Direct Satellite TV service is an amazing TV service that renders good programming, features and customer care.