The Proceeding steps have to be followed to alter the remote control’s address in case of a clash or conflict, between two similar satellite receivers. These steps will be suitable only for the remote controls having four mode buttons at the top of the remote.

  • Access the System Information screen by any one of the following method
    • Press the System Information button on the front panel of the satellite receiver if it is available.
    • Take off the SmartCard present down the door of the front panel, if the system information button is not available.
    • If there is no SmartCard or System Information button, power the receiver off from the front panel and then press the up or down arrow button.
    • Mark the number in the Remote Address field
  • Press the SAT button till all mode buttons light illuminates.
  • Enter a number between 1 and 15 other than the number noted before.
  • Push the Hash (#) button.
  • Once the SAT button blinks three times then press record.
  • To test the functionality of the Remote Control exit the System Information Screen.

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