Space System/Loral and DirecTV had a contract between them and as per the contract System/Loral would provide a high power satellite to DirecTV. Space Systems/Loral wears great reputation in delivering reliable satellites and spacecraft systems for commercial and government purposes round the world. This company works with satellite operators to provide broad commercial services including television and radio distribution. They employ world’s most advanced technologies such as SS/L 1300 satellite platform to provide the best video services.

DirecTV 14 that is 20 kilowatt DirecTV spacecraft would use Ka-band and Reverse DBS from Space Satellites/Loral. DirecTV 14 will be provided with 1300 modular platform by Space Satellites/Loral.

The 1300 is a decades-proven, modular platform that has highest power capability and flexibility for a broad range of applications and it would enable DIRECTV 14 to use Ka-band and reverse band spectrum on a satellite that will help DIRECTV expand its HD programming to both national and local markets.

Regarding the new contract, Phil Goswitz, vice president, Space & Communications, DIRECTV said, “DIRECTV 14 will be the sixth SS/L 1300 satellite platform in DIRECTV’s fleet and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Space Systems/Loral and maintaining our leadership as the provider of the most HD and 3D available anywhere.”


Dated: June 11,2010

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