Technology has made improvements in all fields and eased human life to a great extent. DVR technology likewise has increased the TV viewing experience to a great extent by providing a number of sophisticated features. Using these features viewers can superbly control their day-to-day TV programming schedule. A Digital Video recorder enables to record video in digital format on its hard drive.

Benefits and Advantages of DVR:

Watch your favorite TV programs on your convenient time:

With the help of a DVR, favorite TV shows can be easily recorded and can be viewed at anytime according to the viewers’ convenience. Even recording of one TV show is possible, while watching another, on the same TV at the same time. The time limit for recording depends on the DVR player’s hard drive size.

Save the favorite TV programs

Through some DVR, viewers can have an archive of TV programs and TV series. This feature works best when the DVR is hooked to home computer network.

Pause and rewind the live TV programs

With the help of this feature viewers can pause and rewind the currently on air TV shows. The live broadcasting can be paused, adding a great comfort on the part of the viewers. This feature is mostly helpful when suddently an urgent task like attending a phone call comes up while watching a favorite show or a live game.

Bypass commercial adds, replay programs, freeze screen:

While watching a recorded program, DVR facilitates the viewers to skip the commercial ads that come in midst of the TV programs. Also with a DVR subscribers can replay TV program scenes and can also freeze the TV screen.

Dual tuner DVR

Some TV providers especially the Satellite TV providers give a dual tuner DVR wherein viewers are able to watch one channel while recording another or record two programs at same time or record two programs while watching one already recorded program.

Apart from all the features, DVR is also easy to use. The DVR does the recording of the TV shows automatically after it has been set once. Repeated manual task is not needed. Also the DVR is easily placed anywhere due to its portable size. Inclusion of DVR with the TV service includes a small fee and spending such a small price for a DVR is worth it considering that with a DVR, one can record a number of movies, music, TV shows which would have cost even higher when taken or acquired through other means.

The recording quality of a DVR is best when it is done in case of digital TV which is delivered basically by all the satellite TV providers.

DVR also brings benefits for the parents with young kids. Parents are hardly allowed to watch their TV programs and shows with kids around. Now with the help of a DVR, they are able to record their favorite TV shows, even for a week or more to enjoy them when the kids are asleep or not at home.

They can also record several Kids’ program from various channels and let their children watch at their free times (after completion of daily studies or periodic exams). Buying a DVD collection of children’s favorite shows would cost more than having a DVR service.

It is crystal clear that the facilities provided by a DVR is mind blowing as well as amazing. Before the advent of DVR, people must have never thought of such wonderful experience in TV viewing. The DVR technology has truly revolutionized the entire TV viewing experience.

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