Dish Network is providing Atlanta Braves games on its Peachtree channel now. Atlanta Braves games are delivering under the alternate sports channel- 448.

Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team in Atlanta, Georgia. They are associated with Eastern Division of Major League Baseball’s National League. The games are played in turner field which is a ballpark in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Braves is a very popular team which has won lot of championships. This team is admired by many people in U.S. Now, Dish Network has aired Atlanta Braves in one of their sports channels.

But Dish Network made no formal announcement regarding Atlanta braves games is airing on their Network. So I don’t know how long Atlanta games is available on Dish Network.

If Dish Network telecasts Atlanta Braves Games in future seasons, then it is a nice treat to the subscribers.


Dated: Aug 16,2009

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