Dish Network, the leading satellite TV service provider in United States provides a wide range of programming to their subscribers. Dish Network has incorporated some changes to their programming packages effective from February 1, 2010. This article enlightens the reader about the inclusion and removal of channels, changes in pricing and a holistic comparison of new and old packages.

Dish Family, America’s Top 120, America’s Top 120 Plus, America’s Top 200, America’s Top 250 and America’s Everything Pak are the new packages that have replaced DishFamily, ClassicBronze 100, ClassicBronze 100 plus, ClassicSilver 200, ClassicGold 250 and America’s Everything Pak Dish Network.

ClassicBronze 100 Vs America’s Top 120

“ClassicBronze 100”  has been changed to “America’s Top 120” Package. Like DishFamily package, the channel name “InCite Television” is replaced by “In Country Television”. The programming is pretty much the same as before except that “The Starfish Television Network” channel will no longer be available to subscribers of America’s Top 120.  There is no change in Pricing. America’s Top 120 delivers 65 HD channels at the same cost whereas ClassicBronze 100 had provided only 55 HD channels for which subscribers need to pay extra.

Classic Bronze 100 Plus Vs America’s Top 120 Plus

“America’s Top 120 plus” is the new title for “ClassicBronze 100 plus” package. On comparing these two packages one could find a few differences. The name of the channel “Incite Television” in ClassicBronze 100 plus is renamed as “In Country Television” in America’s Top 120 plus. The channel “Starfish Television Network” has been removed from America’s Top 120 plus package. There is no change in pricing of the package. Subscribers can enjoy 65 HD channels in America’s Top 120 Plus as compared to only 55 HD channels in ClassicBronze 100 plus.

ClassicSilver 200 Vs America’s Top 200

“ClassicSilver 200” has been changed to “America’s Top 200”. With the name of the channel, the names of a few channels have also been changed. “In Country Television” is the new name given to the channel “InCite Television”. The name of the channel “The N” in ClassicSilver 200 has been changed to “Teennick” in America’s Top 200. The channel “Siriusly Sinatra” is the new addition to the package. There are 80 HD channels in America’s Top 200 package as compared to only 70 HD channels in ClassicSilver 200. There is no change in Pricing of the package.

ClassicGold 250 Vs America’s Top 250

“America’s Top 250” is the new name of “ClassicGold 250” package. “Siriusly Sinatra” is the new addition to this package. There is no change in pricing of the package. The names of the channels Noggin, The N, in ClassicGold 250 package have been changed into Nick JR, Teenick respectively. America’s Top 250 package provides 90 HD channels whereas ClassicGold 250 provided only 80 HD channels.

America’s Everything Pak Vs America’s Everything Pak with Locals

“America’s Everything Pak with Locals” is the ultimate entertainment package in Dish Network. The major difference between “America’s Everything Pak” and “America’s Everything Pak with locals” is the pricing. The price of the America’s Everything Pak with locals has been drastically reduced. Nick JR, Teennick are the new names given to channels Noggin and The N respectively. “Siriusly Sinatra” channel is the new addition to the package. America’s Everything Pak with Locals provides 110 HD channels to its subscribers whereas America’s Everything Pak has only 90 HD channels.

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