Dish Network, a very popular satellite TV service in the United States, has been providing introducing many exciting features to enhance the viewing experience of its subscribers. Picture in Picture (PIP) is the newest addition which allows subscribers to watch and enjoy two shows at the same time on a single TV screen. The subscribers need dual tuner Duo receiver to enjoy the experience of Picture in Picture. This article informs subscribers about Picture in Picture, its features and usage.


Picture in Picture is a feature of dual tuner receivers that display one channel program on the full TV screen as well as another program in inset window. This feature helps subscribers to view two different programs or shows at the same time on one TV screen. Only the sound of the main screen program will be audible. Picture in Picture requires two independent tuners to provide the large and the small picture. Subscribers choose to use Picture in picture when they wait for another program to start or the commercial advertisements to finish.

To experience PIP, subscribers have to set the receiver mode to Single Mode. A few simple steps have to be followed to get the best of Picture in Picture:

  • Locate “Mode“ button available in front of the receiver behind the cover.
  • Press the “Mode” till the amber mode indicator light changes to single mode.

Subscribers may also have to enable shared view on their receiver by following the steps given below

  • Press Menu on the remote control.
  • Select “System Setup” and then “Shared View”.
  • Press the left arrow button to select “Enable View”
  • Select “Done”.

The list of receivers that support the PIP function are:

  • DuoDVR ViP 922
  • DuoDVR ViP 722
  • DuoDVR ViP 722k
  • DuoDVR ViP 622
  • DuoDVR 625
  • Solo DVR 512
  • DuoDVR 522
  • Duo ViP 222
  • Duo ViP 222k

Note: The Duo 322 receiver does not support the Picture in Picture (PIP) functionality.

Activating and Using PIP

To activate Picture in Picture, subscribers have to do the following:

  • Press “PIP” button on the remote control.
  • Press “Position” button to move the smaller window around the screen.
  • Press “PIP” button continuously to switch between two different window sizes.
  • Press the Swap button to choose the window of choice.
  • Window is with sound means it is active.
  • To change channels – Press ”Swap” button to choose the window to change and then change the channels.

Picture in Picture, enables subscribers to view two of their favorite programs or shows simultaneously in one TV screen. With dual tuner receivers and by changing the mode to “Single”, this feature heightens the viewing experience of the subscribers.

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