It is important for subscribers to network their HD DVRs. By networking their HD DVRs, subscribers can enjoy many advantages like:

  • Media Share: Subscribers can play music, photos and videos from their PC using the Media Share features of DirecTV
  • DirecTV on Demand: Use the DirecTV on Demand feature to download movies and programs to their HD DVR.
  • DirecTV2PC: Stream content from the HD DVR to PC using the DirecTV2PC software.

There are three ways to network HD DVRs. They can network their HD DVR by the following three ways.


Subscribers can network their HD DVRs using hardware. For this, subscribers need to run Cat-5 (Ethernet cable) directly from their HD DVR to the router or modem.

Wireless adapter:

There are many wireless solutions available to subscribers to network DirecTV’s HD DVRs. DirecTV and the HD DVR series officially support the Linksys Wireless-N Game Adapters viz. WGA600N and WET61ON. Subscribers can download the DirecTV Home Networking Self Installation guide.

Powerline adapter:

DirecTV provides subscribers with “Ethernet-Over-Powerline” Networking Kit. Many a times, subscribers face problems after networking their HD DVRs using wireless Ethernet converter or CAT5 cable in wired connection. Using these networking modes, subscribers get limited success in accessing On Demand service or pictures and music using Media Share. Also running CAT 5 in case of wired connection opens a number of issues wire management especially in winters. In order to overcome all these issues, subscribers can opt for the Powerline adapter provided by DirecTV. This kit uses Ethernet-over-powerline networking as an alternative to a direct Ethernet or wireless networking. To order this Internet Connection Kit, subscribers need to follow the steps listed below.

  • Log on to “My Account”.
  • Click “My Setup” at the top of the page.
  • Click “Add Kits & Equipment”.
  • Select “Internet Connection Kit”.

This “Ethernet-Over-Powerline” Networking requires two. This uses HomePlug technology and up to 16 devices can be networked. There are two models of adapters that are used in networking HD DVRs of DirecTV. The two adapter models include a basic model of $24.99 and a power strip model of $54.99. The basic model of adapter can be plugged into a standard wall socket with RJ-45 Ethernet connection. On the other hand, the power strip model of adapter incorporates six extension sockets and surge protection. Also the “Ethernet-Over-Powerline” Networking kit includes a CAT5 cable. The adapter models are assured of quality and requires practically no configuration to set. Along with the adapter models, a CD is enclosed with the manual and a Windows program that can be used to add an encryption password to the devices. Encryption password is very useful in multifamily dwellings. If encryption code is used, it must be applied to all powerline devices included within the network. Subscribers can network their HD DVRs in no time with the “Ethernet-Over-Powerline” Networking kit.

Using the “Ethernet-Over-Powerline” Networking kit, subscribers can access both On Demand and Media Share features very smoothly. It is seen that DirecTV provides subscribers with a number of ways to network their HD DVRs. The “Ethernet-Over-Powerline” Networking kit seems to be most helpful and for networking HD DVRs.

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