Dish Network is one of the leading satellite TV providers in the United States with 14 million subscribers. Apart from U.S, Dish Network provides its service to more than 6 million subscribers in Latin America. With a variety of entertaining programming, Dish Network satisfies all its subscribers by offering their favorite programs. The programming includes English, Latino, Sports, Premium, International and HD programming. And also delivers Pay-per-view movies, Video on Demand and Adult Packages to their subscribers. Subscribers can enjoy their favorite programs in a crystal clear awe-inspiring HD with Digital picture quality and Sound. Dish Network delivers more than 280 channels in different packages at reasonable prices. Local channels are included. HD packages can be added to the basic packages with a minimal cost.

DirecTV, Comcast, AT & T U-Verse, Time Warner and Sky Angel are the competitors of Dish Network in the United States. This article enables the reader to know about the competitors of Dish Network and compares their offerings.

DirecTV Vs Dish Network

Like Dish Network, DirecTV also has been the leading satellite TV provider in U.S. DirecTV provides programming that includes English, Spanish, sports, International and Premium. It delivers more than 285 channels to their subscribers. Local channels are also included. HD and DVR can be added to the basic package with the addition of minimum charge. Subscribers can experience highest quality HD picture and sound. DVR Scheduler, DirecTV on Demand, Media Share, and DirecTV2PC are the features of DirecTV.

On comparing these two satellites TV providers, both are similar in most features. However, they also have some differences. Dish Network provides 120 channels in its basic package whereas DirecTV offers 150 channels. In terms of pricing, Dish Network offers more channels at lesser price than DirecTV. Dish Network delivers more than 150 international channels in 28 languages. On the other hand, DirecTV delivers nearly 100 international channels in 14 languages. Though Dish provides major sports channels to their subscribers, DirecTV is the leader in Sports programming. NFL Sunday Ticket is offered only by DirecTV.

Local channels will be included for free of cost in DirecTV, but subscribers need to pay extra to get local channels in Dish Network. When these providers are compared in terms of subscribers, DirecTV leads Dish network. Subscribers of DirecTV can receive the DVR receiver or a HDTV receiver with an additional charge along with the free standard satellite TV equipment whereas Dish Network provides free DVR receiver or a HDTV receiver along with the free standard satellite TV equipment.

Comcast Vs Dish Network

Comcast is the largest cable TV provider in the United States. It provides three great services like Cable Television, broadband Internet and telephone service to their subscribers at one low price. Pay-per-views, Comcast on Demand, closed caption and parental control are the features of Comcast. Comcast delivers up to 270 channels with nearly 45 premium channels in Comcast digital cable. Comcast provides its channel line up according to subscribers’ location.

Subscribers can have access to a library of hit movies, TV shows and music videos and sports with crystal clear picture and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. With Comcast DVR, subscribers can record any program, plus rewind, fast forward and pause with no additional cable box. Comcast High speed internet offers the fastest download with online security, universal address book and so on.

On comparing this cable TV provider with Dish Network, One could find significant difference between them. Comcast bundles Internet and telephone service along with programming. Whereas Dish Network provides only programming to their subscribers. But when these providers are compared in terms of number of subscribers, Comcast leads Dish Network. Subscribers of Dish Network will receive the same programming throughout US. On the other hand, Comcast delivers programming channels to their subscribers according to the location they live.

Comcast delivers a number of international channels in almost 14 languages whereas Dish Network delivers in 28 languages. Comcast and Dish Network are fairly even in sports programming. Dish Network beats Comcast when it comes to the number of HD channels. Subscribers of Dish Network placed it second in customer service, while at the same time subscribers of Comcast are not satisfied with its customer service.

Time Warner Vs Dish Network

Time Warner is the second largest cable network in the nation. Like Comcast, it provides bundled service that includes television service, broadband internet and home phone service. The local and International programming in Time Warner varies according to the location where subscribers reside. Time Warner delivers Family, Movies, Sports, Music, HDTV, Local, Premium channels and international programming to their subscribers. Parental Control, Pay-per-view events, movies on demand, HD on demand, kids on demand, Music on demand and events on demand are the features of this cable provider. NBCU’s coverage of the Vancouver games is with Time Warner.

On comparing the cable TV provider Timer Warner with Dish Network, subscribers can understand significant differences between them. Time Warner provides its service to subscribers as a bundle package that includes television service, internet and phone whereas Dish Network provides only television service to its subscribers. The prices of programming in Time Warner vary from location to location. But in case of Dish Network, it delivers same programming with same price in all places.

Time Warner overcomes Dish Network in the genre of On Demand programming. Subscribers of Time Warner can enjoy nearly 10,000 on demand programs at any given time. When both these providers are compared in terms of DVR, Dish Network leads Time Warner with its recording capacity.

AT & T U – Verse Vs Dish Network

AT & T U – Verse provides broadband internet access, phone and television service in various parts of the United States. This cable TV provider delivers more than 390 channels to their subscribers. DVR and HD service will be added to the basic packages with an addition of a minimum amount. Media share, Multi view, weather on demand, AT & T U-Bar, AT & T yahoo games are the features of AT & T U-Verse. Access to more than 120 channels in AT & T U-Verse with crystal clear picture quality and sound. Local programming varies according to subscribers’ location. Subscribers can record up to four shows at once on a single DVR and also record and play back their shows on any TV with a U-Verse receiver.

On comparing the cable TV provider AT & T U-Verse Dish Network, One could find both similarities and differences. When both these providers are compared in terms of channels, AT & T U-verse tops Dish Network by providing nearly 390 channels to their subscribers whereas Dish Network delivers 290 channels. AT & T U-Verse offers up to 110 HD channels and Dish Networks nearly 140 HD channels to their subscribers with an additional charge.

AT & T U- Verse offers unique DVR called Total Home DVR that allows subscribers to move from room to room and still enjoy the content saved on their DVR. It also allows to record up to four shows at a time. On the other hand Dish Network, allows subscribers to save and watch content on two different TV’s in home. On considering the storage capacity, Dish Network leads AT & T U – Verse.

The above between Cable and Satellite TV providers with Dish Network shows that Dish Network varies from others in many aspects. It differs in programming, channels, HD, DVR and On demand programming. Though there are some areas the competitors are better than, Dish Network excels overall through its customer satisfaction, programming and price.

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