Another innovative feature of DirecTV is DirecTV2PC. This feature allows subscribers to watch their favorite TV shows on PC in High Definition. Download and installation of DirecTV2PC will be done in minutes and thereafter subscribers can enjoy HD television on PC. There is no need for additional hardware to activate DirecTV2PC. This article helps the reader to know about the application DirecTV2PC, requirements for DirecTV2PC and so on.

Requirements for DirecTV2PC to work at home

To get DirecTV2PC to work at home, subscribers should possess the following:

  • Subscribers should be a DirecTV account holder with at least one DirecTV Plus HD DVR receiver along with DVR service activated.
  • The receiver and a DirecTV2PC computer have to be connected to the home network.
  • System requirements that include Dual core CPU, 512 MB Ram, 256 MB Graphics and Windows XP with service pack 2.

Activation of DirecTV2PC

DirecTV2PC can be activated with the help of an activation key code. To receive the activation code, subscribers need to perform the following steps:

  • Go to the link
  • Click “Download” will take subscribers to the next page where they need to click on “Download Now”.
  • Select Save File, then enter name and their email address and press submit to download the system advisor.
  • Click on Download Now to receive DirecTV2PC application.
  • As soon as the download is complete, subscribers will receive an activation code in their email address.

With DirecTV2PC, subscribers can perform the following:

  • Stream the recorded HD programming in full resolution from the receiver DirecTV Plus HD DVR to their PC.
  • Enjoy shows on the PC even when live or recorded programming is being watched on their TV.
  • Enjoy their favorite programs with the same DirecTV screen interface on their PC as well as on their TV.

Subscribers will be able to watch only Pre recorded programs or recording in progress program. They will not be able to watch live programs on DirecTV2PC. Parental Control gets activated automatically in DirecTV2PC and Subscribers have to set up their preferred setting in the parental control area. Parental Control Pin will be activated, when the HD DVR receiver gets connected to the home network. To access Parental control settings, subscribers need to do the following:

  • Click on the Menu button present in the lower left corner of DirecTV2PC use interface.
  • Select Parental Control from Menu
  • Then Subscribers need to set up their preferences for Ratings and Hours.

Though the Parental control, Pin can be retrieved from the receiver, the settings (ratings, time) will not be retrieved. Subscribers need to set up the criteria for DirecTV2PC.

With the advancement in technology, subscribers get to enjoy thousands of channels from all over the world to their heart’s content. DirecTV2PC is one such advanced feature in DirecTV that helps subscribers to view their favorite programming in High definition on their PC.

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