Dish Entertainment Magazine is the monthly TV and Entertainment magazine and programming guide offered by Dish Network to its subscribers. This magazine provides complete TV listings for more than 120 networks and printed in their own time zone.

Dish Entertainment Magazine provides a huge range of information to the subscribers including:

  • Plan their TV viewing for the day or for the week or for the month.
  • View Daily highlights of the best picked movies that get telecasted in Pay per view, premium and America’s Top 250 and the top HD movies as well.
  • Flicks’ picks column displayed every month is devoted to deliver different kinds of movies and calling out the month’s must see films in that genre.
  • Regular interviews with stars and reviews of the top films that are to be broadcasted that month in Dish Network.
  • The Review Crew consisting of different group of movie reviewers who will review on a top heading and weigh that accordingly.
  • A detailed A – Z movie guide with more than 4,000 movies every month.
  • Movie descriptions with synopsis, starred ratings, actors, dates and air times.
  • Dish Network Channel directory updated every month and exclusive features, interviews, hot Hollywood gossip and much more.

A small subscription fee is required for the Dish Entertainment Magazine.

Dish Flicks

Dish Flicks is a treasure of movies offered exclusively for movie lovers. Dish Flicks is a reference guide for movies that provides a complete movie listing with date and time, channel number, cast list and rating. Dish Flicks is the ultimate source of movies on Dish Network. It is an easy way to know day by day reference to the movies categorized by Pay per view, movie packages like HBO and Showtime and America’s Top 180.The Critic’s review section in Dish Flicks gives reviews on upcoming movie events and A – Z index of movies with detailed description and primetime movie highlights.

The regular price of the Dish Flick is $1.95 per month.


To subscribe to Dish Entertainment Magazine or Dish Flicks, subscribers need to perform any one of the following.

  • Order by phone

Subscribers can call Dish Network to order Dish Entertainment Magazine or Dish Flicks.

  • Order Online

Subscribers can login to Dish’s customer care area of Dish TV’s website and follow the simple instructions given and select either or both Dish Entertainment magazine or Dish Flicks. With these additions, subscribers can start enjoying their Dish Network system even more.

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