Dish Network Support or Customer Service Application section assists subscribers to sort out different problems regarding Dish Network Satellite service. With Dish Network support section, subscribers can enjoy a number of benefits like ordering pay-per-view, upgrading equipment, paying bills online etc., Subscribers can seek help from Dish Network in a various ways explained briefly below.

Contact Us

Subscribers can contact Dish Network’s superior customer service for satellite programming or equipment needs. Subscribers can get clarifications for their queries via email or by calling Dish Network. Expert and knowledgeable customer service representatives are available for round-the-clock to assist the subscribers. The friendly representatives are ever ready to listen and solve problems of the callers, irrespective of whether they are current or new subscribers of Dish Network. Existing subscribers who have Dish Network account can call Dish Network Customer service at 1-888-686-2388 whereas new subscribers can call at 1-888-825-2557.

Welcome Center

The Dish Network Welcome Center gives subscribers tips and resources to get the most out of their Dish Network experience. The Welcome center constitutes different helpful tools like ”Create an Account”, “Receiver Top Tips”, “Billing” and “What’s on Dish?” and many more.

In “Create an Account”; subscribers can create Dish Network online account for themselves. Online account is an easy and secure option to manage programming, pay bills and take advantage of special offers.

Through “Receiver Top Tips”, subscribers can find out guidelines of using satellite TV receivers properly and appropriately. Whereas through “What’s on Dish”, subscribers can find about TV programming on Dish Network.


AskDish of Dish Network is an interactive tool that provides response for all the customer queries.. A number of troubleshooting topics with videos and Demos are available in AskDish section of Dish Network. If quick solutions of AskDish cannot assist subscribers, then subscribers can type their exact problem in allotted space and get the solution.


Subscribers of Dish Network can join and become a member of ClubDish with the help of Dish Network Customer support section. With ClubDish subscribers can refer their friends and relatives to Dish Network and get $50 for each referral.


Through this service, subscribers can access DishMover to upgrade HD service or DVR receiver when they shift to new places.


If subscribers need clarifications about their bill or seek advice as to what monthly rental plan would suit them, they can contact Customer Service Application or Dish Network customer support. Customer Service Application is the only place to check balance, pay bill, change preferences easily and securely.

Subscribers of Dish Network can get solutions to their issues pertaining to satellite programming or satellite equipment. With Dish Network customer service applications at their disposal, subscribers can enjoy watching uninterrupted TV programming.

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