DirecTV’s delivers a huge number of beneficial services to subscribers. The Text-To-Save Club is one such special benefit available for DirecTV subscribers. This DirecTV service allows subscribers to receive special DirecTV offers and other updates via text messages sent to cell phones by DirecTV. With DirecTV Text -To-Save Club, subscribers can order select movies from cell phones. Subscribers will receive up to five text messages per month with VIP offers and updates. DirecTV Text-To-Save Club is open to all existing residential DirecTV subscribers of 18 years of age or above having accounts in good standing.

To opt for DirecTV Text-To-Save Club, DirecTV has provided a text message ordering program. In this program, subscribers need to type the word JOIN and send it to 223322 of DirecTV. Subscribers should pay all outstanding balances of their pay-per-view purchases in order to be eligible for text club offers and to purchase movies using this service.

Subscriber of DirecTV can order movies using the Text-To-Save Club service. Subscribers can order only specific promoted movie title or event. After placing an order for movie, a confirmation text will be sent with the details of the movie and the channel it is being broadcast. Once subscribers order a movie through DirecTV’s Text-To-Save Club service, they can watch the movie from the time of the order to 6 am ET of the following day. Subscribers cannot cancel a movie order after receiving the confirmation message from DirecTV. However, they can cancel the movie within first five minutes of placing the order by calling the Customer Service of DirecTV. Subscribers do not need any fee to join this beneficial service of DirecTV.

Text-To-Save membership is complimentary. But, subscribers may have to pay message and data rates based on their mobile plans. DirecTV sends special offers and discounts on movies, sports and events to Text-To-Save members up to 5 text messages per month.

While ordering for movie via Text-To-Save Club service, subscribers may have to give their phone numbers. This happens when subscribers’ cell phone number used to text message to 223322 does not match with phone numbers available in their DirecTV account. Before joining the service, subscribers are advised to enter their password if they have set password protection on their DirecTV account.

In order to stop with DirecTV Text-To-Save Club service, subscribers need to type any of these keywords: STOP, END, QUIT, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE and send to 223322 of DirecTV.

If subscribers require any assistance from DirecTV while going with Text-To-Save Club of DirecTV, they just need to text HELP to 223322. They can also call DirecTV’s Customer Service or visit

The text message program of DirecTV is supported by select carriers namely ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobiles USA, U.S Cellular, Alltel, Cincinnati Bell, Nextel and Boost.

DirecTV’s Text-To-Save Club service is a beneficial service program available for subscribers of DirecTV.

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