In Latin America, DirecTV is a leading provider of Satellite TV service. It delivers TV programming service in this region through three divisions namely Pan Americana, Sky Brazil and Sky Mexico. DirecTV Pan Americana provides service to Ecuador along with Argentina, Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Uruguay. This article explains about DirecTV service in Ecuador.


In Ecuador, DirecTV delivers a variety of programs such as national programs, kids programs, movies, sports and music videos to their subscribers. Subscribers can get these programs by subscribing to two packages namely Family package and Preferencial package. These two main packages are listed below with a brief description:

Main Plans:

There are two main plans delivered by DirecTV in Ecuador. The two plans are explained briefly below.


Subscribers can watch over 105 channels by subscribing this package. The price of this plan includes a small monthly fee. Along with different channels, subscribers can use a number of interactive TV features such as Interactive menus, screen programming guide, programming block and change of language and many more.


Subscribers can watch over 134 channels by subscribing the plan. The plan includes a small monthly fee. A number of interactive TV features come home along with this plan. The different advanced features include Interactive menus, screen programming guide, programming block and change of language, program search by name, actor, keyword and so on.

Prepaid Plan:

DirecTV Prepago is a prepaid plan, rendered by DirecTV. Subscribers need to purchase this prepaid plan in order to access its different programs. The plan delivers 77 amazing channels that include 11 channels with variety programs, 4 Kids channels, 3 movie channels, 4 sports channels, 13 channels with cultural programs, 30 audio channels and 6 radio channels. With the prepaid plans, a number of advanced TV features can be accessed. The different features include Interactive menus, screen programming guide, programming block and change of language etc.

Add on Packages:

Apart from these two main packages (Family packages and Preferential packages), DirecTV is also provides additional packages to subscribers. Subscribers can add these packages to any one of the main packages. The additional packages are given below with a brief description:

Advanced Product Plan:

There are eight Advanced Product Plan packages wherein subscribers can access a number channels along with advanced features. The packages include premium movie channels from HBO, Cinemax amongst others. Subscribers can access variety of channels subscribing these packages.

HD Plans:

DirecTV delivers three packages in HD as add on packages. These packages contain premium movie channels with a number of other important channels.

Premium Movie Packages:

Subscribers have two premium movie packages to add to their main packages. These two movie packages drive home bulk of movie channels from HBO, Cinemax, The Movie Channel and a number of other networks.

Premium Sports Packages:

Premium Sports packages include three popular sports packages such as NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass etc. By subscribing to these add-on packages, subscribers can access bulk of sports programming.

Adult Premium Packages:

Adult Premium packages bring to subscribers 6 adult packages that give access to different adult movies as well as other programs.

Premium Game Packages:

Premium Game package refer to Game Lounge package of DirecTV. With the package, subscribers can enjoy playing different video games.

Pay Per View:

Pay Per Views include movies as well adult channels that can be subscribed as Pay Per Views. Totally there are four packages included in this option.


From the explanation of different plans mentioned above, it is clear that subscribers can access a great blend of packages from DirecTV in Ecuador. The channels included in the main as well as prepaid plan bring subscribers complete entertainment. Apart from these, add-on packages can added to the main plans.

HD Service:

Subscribers can watch their favorite programs in superb HD format. They can enjoy Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. Subscribers can access movies, sports, musical videos etc. in superb HD format.

Customer service:

Apart from different plans and services, DirecTV Customer Service representatives are available to assist subscribers for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

From the above explanation it is apparent to assess that, DirecTV provides great satellite service to subscribers in Ecuador. A number of advanced features and the superb customer service enhance their service in the region.

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