DirecTV delivers its service in Latin America through three divisions namely PanAmericana, Sky Brazil and Sky Mexico. DirecTV PanAmericana provides service in Uruguay. DirecTV delivers numerous channels to subscribers in Uruguay in high quality picture and sound. The satellite TV provider has the capacity to transmit 300 channels of digital video and audio.

Programming Plans:

DirecTV satellite service in Uruguay consists of three main plans or packages namely:

  • DirecTV
  • DirecTV Plus
  • DirecTV Plus HD

The DirecTV plan gives access to over 100 channels including 29 audio and 5 radio channels. Subscribing to the plan, you can watch movies, musical videos, talk shows, kids’ shows and many more.

The DirecTV Plus plan renders subscribers a wide array of channels from music, movies, news to others etc. This plan renders more than 120 channels including 29 audio and 5 radio channels. DirecTV on Demand service and Billboard (the application to find and record movies available in the system) can be accessed with this plan. With this plan, subscribers can record up to 100 hours of programming.

The DirecTV Plus HD comprises more than 120 channels including 29 audio, 5 radio and 6 HD channels. With this plan, subscribers can access 6 HD channels extra. Otherwise, this plan contains the same channels as that of DirecTV Plus plan. The extra HD channels are FOX HD / NAT GEO HD, DIRECTV Showcase, HD Space, ESPN HD, Fox Sports HD and Discovery HD Theatres. DirecTV On Demand service and Billboard application are also available with this plan. Subscribers can record up to 100 hours of HD and 400 hours of SD programs.

A number of extra packs can be added to the three main plans. The different packs are explained below.

  • Premium HD Movie packs viz. HBO Pack, HBO Max Pack and Movie City Pack can be added to any of the program plans. With these movie packs, subscribers can watch their favorite movies in Stunning HD.
  • Premium SD Movie packs are also available and subscribers can add these movie packs to any of their program plans. There are many movie packs such as Total Film Pack, HBO Pack, HBO Max Pack, Citymix Pack, and Moviecity Pack.
  • Along with any of the three main plans, subscribers can also add Premium Sports Pack. There are many such sports pack such as CDF premium pack, Fox Sports Premium pack, MLB Extra Innings pack etc.
  • Apart from sports and movies, Premium Adult packs are also available. Some of the adult packs are namely Playboy TV, Venus and so on. These adult packs can be added with the main plans.
  • Premium International and Game Packs can be added to main plans.
  • DirecTV Cinema that renders pay-per-view movies can also be subscribed with the main plans. A few adult movie channels are also available as pay-per-view.


The three plans delivered by DirecTV in Uruguay delivers different channels. Subscribing to these plans, subscribers can access movie channels, sports channels, kids channels, national channels, variety channels and others. Audio as well radio channels can also be accessed. The DirecTV Plus HD plan delivers HD channels.

Apart from the three plans subscribers can also add premium movie, premium sports, premium international and lot of other packages to their main plans.

The major sports events that DirecTV delivers in Uruguay include the Spanish League, Premier League, UEFA Champions League, NBA League, NFL, and Nascar Hotpass. Apart from these sport events, subscribers can also get access to the ATP and WTA tennis tournaments. Subscribers of DirecTV can also watch various exclusive sports programming on DirecTV Sports Channel (Ch. No. 610).

DirecTV also broadcasts exclusive programs on a special channel named OnDIRECTV (ch. no. 999). This channel provides subscribers the most exclusive concerts and shows in the world, the previews of the most acclaimed series, children’s events and many more.

Along with programs, subscribers can also enjoy a number of advanced features such as options to change audio language and subtitles; to program search function; to record, pause and rewind a live TV.

Customer Service:

Along with variety of TV programs, DirecTV also takes care of their subscribers with their 24/7 Customer Service that assists subscribers in solving their problems. With DirecTV customer service, subscribers can sort out problems pertaining to equipment, signal loss, billing details, practical guide etc.

DirecTV subscribers in Uruguay can thus experience great TV viewing experience with DirecTV satellite service. The amazing TV plans, packages, excellent TV functions and customer service adds flavor to their TV viewing experience.

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