Xfinity is the new brand name of Comcast Cable TV service. It denotes Comcast’s technology platform, products and services. Xfinity comprises varied services including digital cable, cable Internet access and cable telephone services.

The new Xfinity branding of Comcast took place in February, 2010. It has currently been rolled out in more than 10 different markets such as Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C etc. There are more plans to rollout this service to more areas. According to Comcast, Xfinity is about providing subscribers with infinite content choices and cross-platform features than ever. This article contains brief notes on various services of Xfinity with special emphasis on TV services.

Xfinity TV:

Xfinity by Comcast is available at a number of places in United States. It delivers TV entertainment programs, movies etc. Subscribers with Xfinity TV service can access to more than 100 channels in HD.

Fancast Xfinity TV:

Fancast Xfinity TV empowers subscribers to enjoy Comcast digital TV subscription online at no additional charge. It is the new name for online version of Comcast On-Demand and it delivers nearly 20,000 titles every month to subscribers. All kinds of programs from sport to movies can be found in On-demand service of Fancast Xfinity TV.

Xfinity Triple Play:

Xfinity by Comcast provides subscribers with more programming choices, more internet speed, more HD channels and much more. The special feature available in Xfinity TV service is the Triple Play that gives access to free HD channels, digital channels, high speed internet and telephone service at one small price. This bundle service can also be found in satellite TV services such as DirecTV. While Xfinity delivers their own TV, internet and telephone services bundled in one package to subscribers, DirecTV’s TV packages are bundled with internet and phone service from other companies. DirecTV has partnership with three of the major telecom companies (Verizon, Qwest, and AT&T) in America and provides bundled services in collaboration with the partner companies.

Xfinity Internet:

Xfinity by Comcast also provides subscribers with Internet facility. Subscribers can access internet at excellent speeds. Internet facility can also be found in the triple play package of Xfinity. Also, online On-Demand titles provided by Comcast can be accessed free of cost via the internet. Comcast cable TV service has further plans to expand its internet service. Apart from all, Norton Security Suite provides Xfinity Internet subscribers with superior protection for PC, online activities and identity theft at no extra price.

Xfinity Voice:

Xfinity Voice is the telephone service provided by Comcast. With this service subscribers can talk to any phone in United States at a very small price. Xfinity Voice is an integral part of the triple play package of Xfinity.

From explanation above it is clear that Xfinity by Comcast provides subscribers with more channels, more HD channels, more online On-Demand titles, and economical triple play package as well as telephone and internet services, at affordable cost. Though Xfinity is the new brand name, the name Comcast is still in practice in number of commercial purposes. Xfinity by Comcast cable TV service has been trying to enhance subscribers’ TV viewing experience in different ways.

Xfinity by Comcast faces intense competition from satellite TV services like Dish Network and DirecTV that are growing rapidly in the United States. Both Dish Network and DirecTV reach to most of the U.S households. They provide varied programs with a number of advanced interactive TV features in 100% digital picture and superb sound.

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