Dish Network, a popular satellite TV service provider, provides DishHOME Protection Plan to its subscribers. DishHOME Protection Plan or DHPP is a professional service for Dish Network equipment used at subscribers’ home, for a small additional fee.

DishHOME Protection Plan includes:

  • Priority Technical support
  • Replacement Equipment
  • Video Cabling and Power surge repairs
  • In-Home service
  • Free DishMOVERS.

Priority Technical Support

Subscribers get technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all Dish Network equipment through the DishHOME Protection Plan. Expert Technicians will be available to answer subscribers’ queries.

Replacement Equipment

Most problems regarding equipment in Dish Network are solved by technical support via phone itself. If the problem persists with the receiver, then a replacement receiver will be sent to subscribers on priority.

On receiving a new receiver, subscribers need to return their defective receiver to Dish Network. The DishHOME Protection Plan covers the full replacement of equipment and transportation charge.

Video Cabling and Power surge repairs

If the damage in Dish Network receiver or inside video cabling is caused by power surge, then the replacement or repairing of the equipment will be done for free of cost under DishHOME Protection Plan.

In-Home Service

If the subscriber’s query is not solved by the technical support staff then Dish Network’s authorized technician will visit the subscribers’ home irrespective of where they live. Subscribers only need to make a call and schedule an appointment at a time convenient to them. They have to pay small price for the In-Home Service. The service is provided only during normal working hours.


If subscribers shift their place to another place or to another state then Dish Network will do the professional installation to subscribers with their existing receivers in their new place without any charge.

Plan Coverage

The DishHOME Protection Plan covers all the video hardware – purchased or leased – by the subscriber; activated by Dish Network and Installed at subscriber’s residing place. It also covers labor and parts costs to repair the product due to failure of equipment such as the receiver, dish antenna, remote control, power surge damage to the receiver or installed inside video cabling.

Troubleshooting the equipment by checking whether there is any failure in it or not before the replacement is also included in the plan. Dish Network will replace the equipment of same kind and quality that will be determined by it.

The DishHOME Protection plan does not provide service of equipment for damages due to misuse, abuse, fire, water, riot, theft or earthquake. The maintenance, repair or replacement of equipment other than normal usage also will not be included in the plan.

The plan does not cover places where installations were not done by the professional installer and the installations were not grounded according to the Dish Network standards. The plan is not applicable when the equipment is repaired, opened or accessed by anyone other than an authorized service representative.

Coverage Period

The DishHOME Protection Plan coverage period begins on the effective date that is shown on the monthly billing statement. It will continue on monthly basis till it is canceled by the subscriber or terminated by the Dish Network. The terms of the plan may not be modified and for assistance the subscribers need to call at 1-800-333-DISH (3474).


Subscribers can cancel DishHOME Protection Plan at any time by calling the Dish Network at 1-800-333-DISH (3474). If subscribers cancel this plan within the first thirty days from the receipt of the plan, then they will receive a full refund. If subscribers cancel this plan after thirty days from receipt of the plan, then they will get the refund based on the remaining time on the plan.

Thus, DishHOME Protection Plan in Dish Network gives technical service to its subscribers round the clock. This plan covers all labor and parts costs to repair equipment due to the failure of functional parts.

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