DirecTV Sat-Go is a compact entertainment unit that can be carried to any place and and thereby subscribers can get tuned to their favorite programs delivered by DirecTV satellite service from any location. It is like carrying a portable TV to view DirecTV programming. This compact entertainment unit combines a crystal clear 17-inch LCD TV, DirecTV receiver and DirecTV antenna. To receive uninterrupted TV programming. Subscribers also need to have a clear view of the southern sky to receive the DirecTV signals properly.

DirecTV Sat-Go features:

  • Compact and portable: DirecTV SatGo is very small in size. It is around 19.5- inch wide. It occupies very less space and therefore can be placed easily in almost all places. The size of DirecTV Sat-Go is smaller than an average suitcase. Due to its small structure it can also be carried easily to all places. It has a small grip handle that makes it very comfortable to carry.
  • All-in-one DirecTV system: DirecTV Sat-Go is one small entertainment unit that includes everything required for enjoying DirecTV satellite programming. This small unit contains a 17-inch flat panel LCD, a DirecTV receiver, one flat antenna, two speakers, remote and rechargeable battery. WOW!.
  • Easy setup: Setting-up of the DirecTV Sat Go is very easy. Only a few steps have to be followed for setting up the whole system that can be finished within a few minutes.

In order to set up the DirecTV Sat-Go, subscribers must first obtain a clear view of the southern sky (unobstructed by branches of trees, buildings etc). The DirecTV Sat-Go must be placed on a flat surface. After this, subscribers must put the antenna at an elevation angle between 30 and 60 degrees. Then the following steps must be followed.:

  • Set the MODE SWITCH located on the remote to DirecTV.
  • Press TV power ON.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • Picture and sound mode: In DirecTV Sat-Go, all TV programs can be enjoyed in good picture and sound quality. The speakers included in this system enhances the sound effect for subscribers.

Additional Features of DirecTV Sat-Go:

  • The remote control of DirecTV Sat-Go can be programmed to control a TV and two other devices like a DVD player, a VCR or other audio equipment.
  • The scores of all major Live games can be obtained, that too without changing the channel that the subscriber has tuned in. Subscribers just need to press the red button located on the remote.
  • A timer can be set to tune into a program automatically.
  • Video games can be played on DirecTV Game Lounge. DirecTV Sat-Go can also be connected to subscriber’s own game console.
  • With the help of DirecTV interactive features like DirecTV ActiveTM , subscribers can get weather reports, lottery results, and on-screen horoscopes.
  • Pay Per View titles can also be accessed and enjoyed through DirecTV Sat-Go.
  • DirecTV Sat-Go has a warranty for a period of 90 days, and the warranty period will be calculated from the date of purchase.

With DirecTV Sat-Go, subscribers can enjoy at any place, the various TV programming rendered by DirecTV satellite service. They do not need to bother about missing their favorite TV shows when they leave home. It is a blessing for subscribers when they are out camping or on a picnic or holidaying outdoors.

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