DirecTV satellite service delivers to their subscribers, a blend of adult programs including adult movies, adult TV shows and tons of gorgeous Playmates along with variety of their other TV entertainment programs. Adult programming in DirecTV are included within the Premium programming of the satellite service.

In DirecTV, subscribers can get access to adult movies, shows and other adult programming by subscribing to Playboy TV, Adult All Access Pass package and Adult on DEMAND. Through the option of Adult on DEMAND, subscribers of DirecTV can watch pay-per-view adult movies. Subcription to these adult channels and programming are at a resonable nominal reate.

Playboy TV on DirecTV

Playboy TV is a premium monthly subscription television channel and is a leading entertainment channel for adult programming. Playboy TV channel’s programming schedule includes a blend of adult TV entertainment ranging from sensual reality shows to comedic scripted content, original news and special programs to full-length adult movies. Some of the popular shows of Playboy TV are Foursome(reality show), Canoga Park(show with comic content), World of Playboy(news) and many more.

DirecTV delivers Playboy TV on channel number 590. Subscribers can tune in to Playboy TV at anytime. They can subscribe it on monthly basis. The regular monthly rental for Playboy TV is $12.99. If subscribers do not want access to Playboy TV all month long, they can subscribe it for four hours for just $9.99.

Adult All-Access Pass on DirecTV

Adult All-Access Pass is an adult programming package that gives subscribers access to six sensual adult channels on DirecTV namely Real Kings TV, Real, Juicy, Fresh, Spice:Xcess and Hustler TV. With this package, subscribers can order one 90-minute movie from any of its six adult channels for just $10.99. Subscribers can also order a 3-hour block of all the six channels for just $14.99. With six channels, included in this package subscribers can get access to amazing blend of adult programming.

The six channels includd in Adult All-Access pass are:

Reality Kings TV

Reality Kings TV on DiercTV is an adult entertainment channel included in Adult All-Access Pass. This channel delivers TV programming with adult content. They are the creators of adult reality content on the Internet. Reality Kings TV renders subscribers a new adult TV experience with their popular shows like MILF Hunter, In the VIP and so on. DirecTV delivers Reality Kings TV on channel number 594.


Real on DirecTV is a premium adult channel included in Adult All-Access Pass of DirecTV. This channel is a XX.5 service. This channel brings to viewers different TV programs featuring real adult scenarios. It also includes adult movies and episodic series. Here adult programs deliver brand new contents that are not duplicated and that can never be found in other TV networks. The programs are delivered raw without a single cut. DirecTV delivers REAL on channel number 595.


Juicy on DirecTV is one of adult premium channels added to Adult All-Access Pass of DirecTV. This is a XX.5 service. This channel drives home various adult programs featuring exotic beauties fantasies from around the world. This channel is the place where amateur style meets fast paced variety in all playlists. DirecTV delivers this channel on channel number 596.


Fresh on DirecTV is another adult premium channel included in Adult All-Access Pass of DirecTV. This channel is a XX.5 service. It mainly features adult programs with new talents and new faces. Subscribers can view new performers in the groundbreaking series, reality programming, casting calls, themed auditions and lot more. DirecTV delivers this channel on channel number 597.

Spice: Xcess

Spice: Xcess on DirecTV is an adult channel included in Adult All-Access Pass of DirecTV. This channel brings home programs featuring most provoking exotic women with most intriguing content. Various Internet oddities, caught-on-tape themed content, fetish lifestyle and other alternative programming are a part of this channel’s programs. DirecTV delivers Spice: Xcess on channel number 598.

Hustler TV

Hustler TV on DirecTV is another adult entertainment channel included in Adult All-Access Pass of DirecTV. This channel is a XX.5 service. Hustler TV brings a blend of adult programming featuring big adult stars to brand new amateurs, top ethnic titles to hilarious porn parodies. This channel also delivers a number of adult movies and exclusive studio lineups. DirecTV delivers this channel on channel number 599.

Adult Entertainment on Demand

Subscribers of DirecTV can order for Adult on DEMAND which is a pay per view option. Subscribers can select their favorite movies from the adult channels delivered by DirecTV. They can also record any adult movie by upgrading to DIRECTV Plus HD DVR receivers.

To order movie on DEMAND, subscribers must tune in to channels 1596 and 1599. Also they must have a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR connected to Internet.

When subscribers order for pay-per-view movies, they do not have to worry about their billing. DirecTV’s billing is very discreet. The actual titles of the movies ordered by subscribers will not appear on their bills.

DirecTV subscribers can access adult programming by adopting the options explained above. Adult programming are targeted only towards adult subscribers and children of families should not find access to such programming. Parents and elders of families must restrict their children from watching adult programs. DirecTV satellite service is committed to every comfort of their subscribers. They have included Parental Control feature in their service to help parents in such cases.

With the Parental Control feature of DirecTV, subscribers can block adult programming on the basis of ratings of programs and channel number. Subscribers can restrict the pay-per-view purchases as well as limit the TV viewing time with the help of the Parental Control feature.

Thus, with DirecTV adult channels and programming, subscribers can have safe access to varieties of sensual adult entertainment.

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