DirecTV subscribers can explore different YouTube videos just with their remotes. While searching for different programs, subscribers can now access different YouTube videos relevant to their searches.

How to Access the YouTube in DirecTV:

To watch the YouTube uploads, subscribers should first click on the Menu button of their remotes, select Smart Search and type the search term. Subscribers will thereafter get a list of TV programs that match the search term. Along with the TV programs a listing of YouTube videos can be also seen. Selecting any of the YouTube entries, subscribers will have another list of relevant YouTube video listings to explore. Tuning into any of them, subscribers can watch the video uninterruptedly.

With each of the YouTube videos, subscribers can get a list of related details such as who uploaded the video, view count, the length of the video and many more. Parental Control feature can be activated to lock access of these YouTube videos. Also when subscribers have YouTube account, they can flag inappropriate or unsuitable videos.


The YouTube video accessibility enable subscribers of DirecTV to watch amazing and interesting video stuffs related to their search terms. To enjoy this great service from DirecTV, subscribers require an HD DVR or DVR (model R22 or higher) receiver connected to home broadband internet service.

DirecTV can thus access various YouTube videos. These videos along with different details help them acquire a clear knowledge about their various searches.

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