The Consumer Electronic Show, 2011 had brought in a new agreement between DirecTV and Samsung Electronics Ltd. And the agreement is that both the industry giants will together present the world’s first RVU compatible production televisions. This is a great news as with such televisions, subscribers of DirecTV can watch live broadcast and stored content from their DVR on Samsung smart TVs, without the need for additional set-top boxes. Not only this, but subscribers will also be provided with enhanced experience multiroom TV viewing via Remote User Interface (RUI) technology.

But what does the RVU technology mean? The RVU technology is based on a client-server architecture. The server is a source device
supplied by the content service provider that allows the distribution and management of video and a consistent user experience to one or
many devices. In simpler words technology allows subscribers to watch various live and recorded content on various electronic devices
using a consistent server-generated user interface. Also it supports various DVR functionalities.

The RVU technology is basically a client-based (such as DirecTV) technology. The RVU protocol uses DLNA technology. To utilize the benefits of the technology, subscribers should follow the following two steps.

  • Subscribers should first have a RVU compatible TV such as Samsung’s LED D6000, LED D6400 and LED 6420 TV.
  • The RVU compatible TV has to be connected with RVU server at home.

Once subscribers make the above connection they can go ahead with watching live and recorded content on any number of TVs on any
room. In the RVU technology, the Remote User Interface (RUI) implements the majority of user interface functionality on the server. When
subscribers presses the Remote keys, the signals are passed directly to the server. The server interprets them, responds accordingly, and renders all UI screens in a device-independent manner. It then delivers UI data plus any streaming data (e.g., video and audio) back for display.
Using the RVU technology and compatible Samsung TVs, subscribers of DirecTV can enjoy the following advantages.

  • Subscribers can watch live and recorded content on multiple TVs. DIRECTV’s RVU server enables the UI and other features to be
    displayed directly on those connected TVs. As per the partnership, Samsung will embed support for RVU in their smart TVs and provide its
    customers with the full DIRECTV experience
  • While watching various live and recorded DirecTV content, subscribers can enjoy DVR services, live pause abilities on all screens
    in the home, 200 hours worth of shared storage, picture-in-picture capabilities and the power to record up to five shows at once.

Subscribers can have Samsung’s RVU-compatible TVs from market from March 2011. The RVU technology is a real user friendly technology
imbibed with a number of benefits. Some benefits of this technology are mentioned below.

  • The RVU technology enables subscribers to watch live TV or recorded content on multiple TVs.
  • Subscribers can watch the various shows of DirecTV using their various TV features along with DVR functionalities.
  • The RVU technology includes expandable specifications that can be upgraded with better features in times to come.
  • Subscribers can watch live and recorded content, using the RVU technology on multiple devices such TVs, laptops, PCs, tablets etc.

From the above explanation, it can thus be assessed clearly that subscribers of DirecTV can thus have great TV experience with the
new RVU-compatible production televisions. And they will be first to enjoy watching TV with the features of RVU technology.

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