HD DVR ViP 722k is the most popular award winning DVR provided by Dish Network. It allows subscribers to view two different channels in two rooms independently at the same time whereas TV1 is High definition and TV2 is standard definition. It provides unique picture quality in both rooms that have full DVR functionality. This is like two DVR’s in one box. This article gives subscribers a clear description on HD DVR ViP 722k by enlisting its features and benefits.

Features of HD DVR 722k

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

On-screen Electronic Program Guide(EPG) in HD DVR ViP 722k displays the schedule of programs of different channels. It also offers electronic program guide 10 days in advance. Subscribers can customize their guide to make their own favorite channels list that will display only channels to show in the guide while browsing. Extended Browse feature, Channel surfing Enhancements, HD channel Mapdown, Instant program Information, Local DMA channel mapping, Local Link, Off-air channel scan, Picture in picture and program search are the features included in Electronic Program Guide.

DishHOME Interactive TV service in HD DVR ViP 722k allows subscribers to view different channels’ programs simultaneously. It also provides programs like Games and Entertainment, news and weather report in channel 100.


Menu in HD DVR ViP 722k provides features like Closed Caption support, Alternate language and descriptive video support, Customer support application, Dish Video on Demand, Favorite lists, Multimedia, Pay per view purchase summary, PocketDISH Support, Slide show, Theme categories for program selection and transparent info banner to their subscribers.

Event Timers allows subscribers to set an automatic Event Timer to record programs of different channels based on name and time and the program will record to hard drive. Channels can be locked with the help of Parental control locks based on ratings and content, that prevents children from watching unsuitable channels for them and the locked channels can be hidden also with the help of Hide lock channels feature.

Caller ID in HD DVR ViP 722k displays information of the caller on the TV screen. Subscribers need to get a caller ID from a local telephone company and the phone line should be connected to the receiver HD DVR ViP 722k.

Dish Network DVR

DISH Network DVR in HD DVR ViP 722k also provides features like Dish ONLINE movie download, DVR Grouping, DVR Recording, DVR Sort, External Hard Drive support, Enhanced Timer and DVR Management, Record Plus, Multi – speed Slow Motion and Frame by Frame to their subscribers to enhance their viewing experience.

Subscribers of HD DVR ViP 722k can watch same programming in single mode and different programming in dual mode. DVR Search function allows subscribers to search for a program with the help of the keyword such as event title, name of the person or specific word.


High-definition and standard-definition programming can be viewed by subscribers in HD DVR ViP 722k with the help of HDTV/SDTV feature. Integrated Enhanced HD tuner, HDMI output, High-definition component video output, 18 ATSC (8VSB) input format and MT2 OTA Module are included in this feature

Front Panel

Front Panel in HD DVR ViP 722k has Power buttons, channel up buttons and channel down buttons. It has USB 2.0 port, Smart card slot, IR Blast and Receive. If green color light glows, it indicates that “TV1” tuner is on and blue color indicates “TV2″ tuner is on. When recording is active red light will glow and the tuner is in 2-single/dual mode when amber light glows.

Back Panel

Back Panel in HD DVR ViP 722k has 2 satellite antenna inputs, blue F-connector, 1 TV antenna / cable input for digital off-air broadcasts, black F – connector, UHF remote antenna input, 3 prong power cord, 1 HDMI output (HDTV TV1), 1 set High-Definition Component analog output (HDTV TV1), 1 TV Antenna/cable input (with MT2 OTA Module), 2 set RCA-type audio/video outputs(SDTV TV1, TV2), 1 Optical Dolby Digital/PCM digital output (TV1), 1 shared modulated TV set stereo output (TV1, TV2) ch.21 – 69 Air, Ch 73 -125 cable, 1 Telephone Jack, 1 USB 2.0 port and 1 Ethernet port.

To know more details about the receiver HD DVR ViP 722k, visit http://tech.dishnetwork.com/departmental_content/TechPortal/content/tech/receiver/722k.shtml.

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