Follow these simple steps to install the Dish Pro 500 antenna of Dish Network by yourself

  1. In order to install the DISH 500 follow the steps given in DISH 500 Initial Installation instruction guide that comes with the dish assembly packaging.
  2. Mount the dish on a solid surface.
  3. Place the mounting foot in vertical position. Make sure that the top edge of the mounting foot is level and top of the mast is absolutely vertical.
  4. Place the dish antenna pointing towards a clear southern sky without any obstruction.
  5. Plug in the cable cord from the dish into the SATELLITE IN on the satellite receiver or connect the DISH Pro Legacy Adapter for Legacy receivers.
  6. Connect the RG-6 cable from the dish securely to the satellite receiver.
  7. Press the MENU button and go to Point Dish/Signal screen following this route: MENU >> System Setup >> Installation >> Point Dish/Signal screen.
  8. Now perform a “Switch Test” by pressing “Check Switch” and then “Check” or “OK”.
  9. In the Satellite line the summary installation mode displays the word ‘conn’.
  10. When the summary installation mode displays the word “Twin”, “Sngl”, or “Quad”, it indicates that the receiver has confirmed its connection with the DISH Pro LNBF and it is working.
  11. Press OK to come back to Point Dish/Signal screen.
  12. Make sure that the various angles of the dish antenna are placed and pointed correctly.
  13. In order to get signals adjust the position of the dish antenna by turning it back and forth moving ¼ inch at a time. If unable to receive the signals then loosen its both elevation bolts and tilt it up by 2 degrees. Repeat the procedure for some time.
  14. If still unable to receive the signals check and change the angle positions of the dish antenna.
  15. Undergo a second round of switch test selecting first “Check Switch” and then ” Check”or “OK”. If signals are received then this will be indicated by “All” in the Transponder line, and the message “Satellite reception verified”.
  16. Cancel the Installation Summary Menu by selecting CANCEL.
  17. Verify if the system has good signal reception which is marked by the check mark 119W.
  18. Move the Check mark to 110W. If the signal reception by the dish antenna is good then go to the next step. If the reception is not good then change and adjust the positions of the dish antenna and keep doing it till it receives strong signals from both the satellites(ie 119 W & 110W).
  19. If no signal strength is received from 110W then verify the angle position of the dish antenna or its cable connections to the LNBF.

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