Dish Network and DirecTV have added many entertainment and informative programming to satisfy subscribers of U.S. In this modern and stressful life, subscribers need spiritual inspirations to restore their inner peace. Understanding these spiritual needs, Both these Satellite TV providers deliver a number of religious channels with sacred content. In this article, we shall discuss and compare religious channels of both these service providers.

Dish Network’s Religious Channels

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

TBN is one of America’s most watched religious channel. It delivers Nashville gospel musical concerts, gospel speech from powerful preachers, spiritual guidelines for children, information on health and fitness and information regarding spiritual events from America’s largest churches.


ANGEL ONE delivers programming from 100 Christian ministries. It consists of musical concerts, live worships, biblical teachings, creation sciences and mission outreach programs.


ANGEL TWO delivers special events of Sky Angel network. CTN offers exercise, sports and financial discussion shows. It delivers special spiritual programming that suit adults and children.

Daystar Network (DYSTR)

Daystar Network delivers multi– cultural programming, interviews with Christian leaders, preachers and popular singers. Its main focus is on delivering programs that suit charismatic and Pentecostal Christian movements.

Inspirational Network (INSP)

Inspirational Network delivers programming from 70 ministries, moral programs for kids, musical programs for teens and action sports. The main focus is to deliver programs that are fully based on Christian inspiration.

Eternal World Television Network (EWTN)

Eternal World Television Network delivers 24 hours of family oriented programming featuring top notch talk shows, weekly series and exciting documentaries. The main focus of this network is to deliver programs that suit catholic Christians.


KTV delivers entertainment as well as educational programming round the clock, that suit young aged people, from toddlers to teens. Their programming feature animated shows, cartoons, Christian musical videos and dramas, creation science and social issues, health and fitness.

The Church Channel

The Church Channel delivers 24 hours of Church service programs. Their programming features include America’s leading church events from many Christian denominations as well as Independent and non-denominational churches. The main focus of this network is to deliver programs that suit worship lovers.

DirecTV’s Religious Channels

Christian Television Network (CTN)

Christian Television Network is one of America’s most watched religious channel. Their programming feature unique, wholesome and award winning shows that bring something for everyone in the family. The main focus of this network is to deliver programs that reach all socio-economic boundaries and through various Christian programming.

The Word Network

The Word Network delivers programming of urban ministries. Their programming feature Gospel Music, live church convention and musical specials. The main focus of this network is to deliver programs that guide teenagers, adults and couples to lead a moral life.

NRB Network

The NRB Network delivers programming of televangelists and Christian-themed media outlets. Their programming features gospel, moral absoluteness, ethical behavior, creationism, factual history and biblical values. The main focus of this network is to deliver programs on solid biblical world view that guide maturing Christians. Also, this network is being delivered only on DirecTV since 2005!

God Network

The God Network delivers programming with Christian content from all parts of the world. Their programming features biblical teachings, seminars, youth concerts, speech from sacred leaders and live concerts. The main focus of this channel is to deliver unique programs from different popular ministries around the globe.

DirecTV delivers programs from network such as Daystar, Eternal World Television Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Inspirational Network and The Church Channel which are also delivered by Dish Network.

On comparing both these two providers in provision of religious channels, they both gain similar rating. Dish Network delivers some major network that DirecTV lacks and vice versa. It is safe to conclude that subscribers can choose religious programming from any of these providers that suit their tastes the best.

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