The On Demand Services, which are available in Dish Network, allow the users to select and watch movies and their favorite TV programs whenever they want. They can be viewed immediately or recorded with the help of the DVR to view them in the future. There are two modes of On Demand Services, which will entertain the viewers with their favorite movies and programs that can be watched in their leisure time.

The two modes of on demand services are

  • Movie On Demand
  • Video On Demand

Movie On Demand

Movie On Demand is a Pay Per View channel on Dish Network that can be viewed at the convenience of the customer. The movies can be selected from the Featured Movies or from Now Showing listings via the remote control. The customer has to follow the given instructions to easily order and view the movie. When the subscriber want to stop viewing the movie for some reason, they can stop it and continue viewing it later on from where they left off or from the beginning if they choose.

How does Dish Network Movies On Demand Work?

  1. Press the DVR button on the Remote control and choose “Movies and More” from the Dish on Demand menu.
  2. Choose Event Info then Featured Movies then Movie
  3. Highlight the Rent button then press select.

After a day of ordering, the subscriber is able to rent a movie and will receive new movies each week. The customer gets to select any the movie from the given list that he may desire. The rented movie can be watched for 24 hours from the time you rent the movie for just $4.99. If the customer starts watching the movie by the end of the rental time then the movie will be displayed only for the remaining time. In that case the viewer is not able to watch the whole movie. To find the remaining rental time for a movie, go to the play list and on the Event info screen and you can find out the remaining rental time.

The subscriber can utilize the DVR features like pause, rewind, and skip to better the viewing experience. The user has to be sure to visit Movie on Demand frequently to check which movies are available for rental. In order to receive the current movies, you must make sure that the receiver is off when it is not in use.

The rentals of the movies are added with customer’s Dish Network bill. For the viewer’s convenience a list of the rented movies is available in the channel. Movies appear for 60 days on the list depending on the receiver’s reporting cycle. Subscribers are able to prevent the family members or others from viewing pay per view movies, with the help of System Lock. The customer has to enter a password while renting the movies in order to release the lock.

To set the System Lock:

  1. Press Menu then Locks
  2. Choose the type of locks you prefer
  3. Return to the Locks menu and select Lock System to activate the security on the receiver.

Video On Demand

Video On Demand is the other pay per view channel where the user can buy or select a movie or television program that begins to play instantly or can be downloaded to a DVR for viewing at a later date. Video On Demand provides the user with standard DVR functionality including pause, forward, rewind, etc.

To get started with Video On Demand follow the given steps

  1. Press the DVR button on the remote
  2. Press the DVR button again or choose My Recordings to view the recorded programs.
  3. Select Movies and More to watch Movies on Demand.
  4. Turn off the receiver to ensure that the user gets the most current updates.

The current updates are available only on Dish Player DVR Models 508, 510, DuoDVR 522 and DuoDVR 625. Timers can be set in the DVR while recording TV programs. The settings on the DVR timers will not be affected by turning off the receiver.

The On Demand services offer customers their favorite movies and TV programs to watch at a convenient time for a lower cost. On Demand service is especially helpful for working people who have less time for TV entertainment.

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