Satellite TV Providers

The Satellite TV Providers war is very similar to the Coke and Pepsi wars. Both has been going on for decades now with equal followers for the Blue (Pepsi/DirecTV) and the Red (Coke / Dish Network). Both the wars don't seem to end any time soon and they never have a probable winner because they are always equally poised.

The best Satellite TV Providers in USA and the only providers worth mentioning are Dish Network Satellite and DirecTV Satellite. Both these providers have almost the same pricing, almost the same number of channels and packages. Both these satellite TV Providers have award winning customer care service and several innovative features. There are few other Satellite TV Providers (New & Old) but they have not matured enough to provide any kind of competition for these providers.

So which of these providers is the Top Satellite TV Provider? That's a difficult question to answer, but this site has been built to help you decide which of the two providers suits your requirements the most. There are tools available in this site that allow you to compare the satellite tv providers by their various satellite TV packages, Local Channel availability in your area and other features. If you are interested in receiving specific channels, you can search for those channels and check if it’s available with which of the two satellite TV providers

Benefits of Satellite TV

The benefits of Satellite TV when compared to conventional Cable TV is multi fold.

Satellite TV Channels – A whole lot of them!!

Nothing can beat the huge array of channels that are offered by Satellite TV. Even the most basic channel package from both Dish Network Satellite and DirecTV Satellite contain a minimum of 500 channels. Satellite TV provides a whole array of FTA (Free to Air) Channels for the viewers enjoyment. Cable TV’s options of channels are very limited.

International Programming Options

From Arabic to Vietnamese and everything in between, the top Satellite TV Providers, Dish Network & DirecTV offer several international programming channels which people from various ethnicities and cultures can freely enjoy.

Mobility Options

You can set up and watch Satellite TV in your RV, at a camp site or if you live in remote locations where cable is not available. Watch Satellite TV in your iphone, computer and any smart device.

Satellite TV Technological Revolution & Evolution

Satellite TV is the next evolution for television. From High definition video to sound to DVRs, movies and programming on demand to online games, Satellite TV offers several forms of entertainment and unique feature cost effectively which cable TV can’t imagine. It’s time to move on and adopt to the next evolution!!


Latest Articles

DirecTV and Dish Network, the two prominent satellite TV providers of the United States, deliver different 3D TV programming. DirecTV
and Dish Network are first in television industry to render the amazing experience of 3D TV programs to their subscribers. Know more about 3D programming available in these two satellite TV providers.

With DirecTV service, Youtube videos are now accessible right on TVs. Subscribers just require to have their HD DVR or R22 DVR connected to the internet and follow a few simple steps using DirecTV remote. Find out more details on this.

The Guide and Adult are two options of My DirecTV. The Guide presents programming details of different channels for 14 days in advance. While browsing the Adult, subscribers can access details of adult programs available on DirecTV. Subscribers can also set
recordings of their favorite programs via these two options.

DirecTV renders different DVRs equipped with numerous advanced features. Many a times, subscribers have queries regarding the usage of their DVRs. Find out explanations of a few such common queries.

Dish Network, a popular satellite TV provider in the United States, renders subscribers variety of packages with some of the exclusive and amazing services. It provides a good range of entertainment options within reasonable pricing. There are sample reasons to choose Dish Network service. Here is a brief account.

DirecTV subscribers can now access details of DirecTV programming by scanning QR codes using their DirecTV mobile app. installed iPhone and Android phones. Here is given a brief account on this.

Dish Network delivers some of the great HD packages that subscribers can have. The various packages include great blend of HD channels for a small price. Read more about these HD packages of Dish Network.

Netflix and DirecTV Cinema are two popular movie destinations in the United States. Watching movies and shows over internet or getting them from traditional satellite TV services – which is a better option? This article carries an overall comparison between Netflix and DirecTV Cinema.

Sports coverage from New England Sports Network are delivered on NESN National channel available in both DirecTV and Dish Network. Apart from live telecasts of various games, the channel delivers highlights and a number of post-game extras.Find out more details of the channel here.

Satellite TV Wiz Tools

Satellite TV Package Finder: An innovative tool which enables one to find the best Satellite TV Packages from the top Satellite TV Providers: Dish Network or DirecTV within a preset price range (budget) and language preferences.

Satellite TV Channel Finder: Searching for a specific channel or a channel number. Want to find the channel number of your favorite channel or vice-versa in Dish Network or DirecTV? This tool enables you to just that.

Compare Satellite TV Packages: The most innovative package comparison tool found nowhere else. Compare Dish network channel packages head to head with DirecTV channel packages. Find out which channels are missing in Dish Network’s packages or DirecTV’s packages. Find out the difference of prices and channels and decide which package and which Satellite TV Provdier suits you the best.